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Features of national shopping

Not always the reason for visiting Israel is a vacation. It is possible that you had to make a flight to Israel on business matters.

The usual set of entertainment that this hospitable country could offer is unlikely to suit you.

Why not entertain yourself with shopping in the time remaining from work?

Large shopping centers
Over the past decades, many shopping malls have grown in Israel.

Having a little rest after the flight from Kiev to Israel, you can choose one of them to visit.

Perhaps the largest of these centers is the Jerusalem Shopping Center, the Azrieli Shopping Center in Tel Aviv and the Grand Canyon in Haifa.

Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

Bazaars and fairs
In Tel Aviv there are so-called “thematic” streets (Dizengoff, Herzl, Binyamin, Shenkin), where specific types of products are sold. Here you will see wedding salons, fashion and furniture stores, fabrics and original gifts.

An art fair is held every 2 weeks in Tel Aviv on Nahalat Binyamin Street.
Having looked at the old port and the Exhibition Gardens, you can visit fairs with designer clothes and crafts.
Make a note of yourself must visit the East Bazaar in Jerusalem, which is located in the Old City, immersed in the local flavor. Here you can choose souvenirs from wood, shells, leather, glass products, try on and buy traditional clothes. Remember – it is customary to bargain to the last!
In Haifa, among all other shopping centers, the Castra Center should be distinguished: its wall is the largest wall painting in the world.
Take a walk along Ben Gurion Boulevard, which lies at the foot of the Bahai Gardens – there are a lot of products in the small shops located there that deserve your attention.
Eilat – saving big
The city is literally made for shopping. The goods here are not subject to VAT and you can spend an unusually large amount for yourself, because the discount received will also be very significant.

Store Hours
Friday according to the Qur’an is a day of rest. Therefore, Muslim-owned stores are usually closed on Fridays. Most stores are open from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday, after lunch time, the shops close and open only on Sunday morning.

On the eve of Jewish festivities, trade ends and resumes again after it ends.

On Saturday, you can visit shopping centers that are designed to visit not only local residents, but also tourists.

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