Israel: instructions for use
Mysterious, bewitching, magical ... These are exactly the impressions Israel makes on people who have visited this country at least once. And most claiming it comes here again to re-experience…

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Masada will no longer fall!
Before you is the story of the legendary Masada fortress, towering over the southern coast of the Dead Sea. She helped save the family of an unknown half-breed, who, with…

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Israel Resorts - Three Seas of Pleasure
Israel is a state in the Middle East, bordering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, washed by the waters of three seas at once. We warn those who have yet to…

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We plan a vacation in Israel

What actually always starts an independent trip? From data collection. The more you know the intricacies of the upcoming trip, the more interesting the country and its excursions will be for you. Israel has a lot to offer tourists visiting it.

First you need to decide which vacation is preferable for you, because we are all so different. This will help to avoid a situation when, instead of serene wallowing on a deck chair, you begin to get bored on a long excursion to study architectural antiquities and holy places. Or vice versa, instead of a enthusiastic hike in the excavations, they ended up at local diving courses, although they were never a diving enthusiast.

Now you need to approve the route. Despite the relatively small size of Israel, it takes a lot of time to explore all the places that are worth seeing with your own eyes. Based on your own desires, the availability of time and financial opportunities, sketch a travel schedule for yourself. Landing at Ben Gurion Airport, where will you go next? To Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or to the seas in Haifa or Eilat? How many places are you ready to visit during the trip, what time to devote to each of the points on the route, and what sequence will they have?

For example, visiting the Dead Sea is most convenient from Jerusalem. The tour will take a day there, but it’s unlikely that you will have time to heal or take a course of cosmetic procedures during this time.

You will need from 1 day to a week to study Jerusalem, and then you risk not fulfilling it.

Eilat is located in the south of the country, to get there – it means to get into the city of the eternal sun, I want to stay here as long as possible.

In the North, you need to look into Haifa, Acre and Rosh-a-Nikra – you just can’t manage it in a day, so it’s better to select at least two. At the same time, explore the fortress of Montfort, look into Hamat-a-Gader, the Golan.

From Tel Aviv, using the train, you can go on excursions in Israel in almost all directions of the country.

Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

How do we get around?
You can move to each next “visiting point” by bus or train, or you can rent a car. This is very important if you have set out to study such remote places as nature reserves, grottoes or just local neighborhoods.

Housing: choose a roof over your head
You can stay in hotels – choose any via the Internet or with the help of a travel company is not difficult. Fans of a less comfortable, more “wild” holiday can, with the help of local residents, stop for the night in campsites, zimmers (guest houses), in private apartments or youth hostels.

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