Unrivaled Tel Aviv
Israel is an amazing state, there is plenty of everything in it, everything is in abundance. And even there are two capitals here. The first and official is Jerusalem. This…

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Unrivaled Tel Aviv

Israel is an amazing state, there is plenty of everything in it, everything is in abundance. And even there are two capitals here.

The first and official is Jerusalem. This is believed in Israel itself, as well as in the United States and some of the Latin American countries. For the rest of the world, the capital of the Promised Land is Tel Aviv. In terms of size and significance, it is the second Israeli city.

Tel Aviv arose more than a century ago, in 1909. In the past it is a modest suburb of Jaffa, and now it is a modern metropolis.

If your excursion tour to Israel began with a visit to this city, then you will surely enjoy what you see in it.

Where to go, where to go
Having set off in the Neva, Zedek – this area is one of the most romantic and beautiful in Tel Aviv, take a walk along the first street laid down by Jewish immigrants more than 100 years ago. Wander around the territory of the cultural center of Suzan Dalyal, and from there head straight to the sea, to the alluring Menta Rey Beach. This is the southern part of the embankment, a border zone with the Manshiah district in Jaffa. From here you can continue walking to the center of Tel Aviv, past the Dolphinarium, and satisfy your hunger in one of the restaurants.

After that, we recommend admiring the panorama of the city from the Shalom Meir observation deck. This 35-story skyscraper was first built in Israel. The building houses offices and commercial centers.

Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

For culture lovers
There are several museums in Tel Aviv that you should definitely look into:

The Nakhum Gutman Museum, in the Neva Tzedek, is dedicated to the life and work of an original Israeli artist born in Bessarabia.
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which will appeal to lovers of fine art.
Tourists who like the history of armed groups should go to the Museum of Etzel.
A better visit to Jewish life is to visit the Jewish Diaspora Museum.
And of course, you will want to visit the largest center of science and history, founded in 1953 – the Museum of the Land of Israel. Chronicles, books, scrolls and other exhibits on the history of local cultures are presented here.
You still don’t know how precious stones are processed? Then you just need to visit the Diamond Exchange and see this process with your own eyes.

In fact, it is impossible to tell in a nutshell about all the possibilities of this city. He is hospitable equally to absolutely different categories of travelers, with different requests for a holiday. And you can be sure that sightseeing tours to Israel, which began with a visit to the capital, will leave you vivid memories.

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