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Holidays in Israel: useful information

Holidays in Israel – this is the diversity, beauty of landscapes, healing air and sea, and of course friendly service, despite the fact that the country is considered a hot spot. In order for your vacation to go smoothly, and unforeseen situations do not take you by surprise, it is better to go on a trip with a tour operator, but if your choice is a trip on your own, then you should be patient and have some information.

To enter the country, Ukrainian citizens will need a passport, which must be valid for at least six months from the moment of arrival in the country. If you want to go further to Sinai, Egypt or Jordan, you will need a visa, which can be obtained at the embassy in Israel.

Emergency Help Services
In order for force majeure circumstances not to take you by surprise, you should know the phone numbers of emergency services working in the state:

police – phone number 100;
fire service – phone number 102;
first aid – 101;
emergency service – 03-561-37-60.
Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

Health care
First aid is provided by the Israeli Red Cross and the Red Star of David, the phone number is the same throughout the country – 101.

Please note, rest, Israel – this does not mean that you need to do the required vaccinations, but the only thing that doctors recommend is to get a tetanus vaccine before you leave.

Israel accepts people with disabilities very well, special bus rides are organized for people with disabilities, the hotel has wheelchair access, the deaf are provided by translators, and museums have special departments for the blind.

Monetary units in Israel – shekel and agora. Currency exchange is carried out both in banks and in hotels. There are no restrictions on the import and export of foreign currency.

Opening hours of shops and public institutions

Bazaars in Israel are the most persistent, they close after dark, and shops and shopping centers are usually open from 8.00 to 19.00 with a break during the day. But it should be remembered that at the time of the Shabbat most restaurants and shops are closed, public transport runs very poorly. This happens from Friday (evening) to Saturday (evening).

Tips and taxis
Taxis can be ordered both by phone and freely stopped on the street. There are three taxi fares:

0 – premium for a phone call;
1 – the usual tariff, according to the counter;
2 – night tariff with an extra charge over the counter of 25% (in the period from 21.00 to 5.30).
And of course, do not forget to reward the staff with a tip, usually this amount does not exceed 10%, be sure to encourage the porter.

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Holidays in Israel: useful information
Holidays in Israel - this is the diversity, beauty of landscapes, healing air and sea, and of course friendly service, despite the fact that the country is considered a hot…


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