Tours in Israel: enjoy your vacation!
During the holidays, many of us are puzzled by the global question - where to go? The choice today is wide enough, it all depends on the desires and financial…

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“When Moses went down from Mount Sinai and the two tablets of revelation were in Moses’s hand when he descended from the mountain, Moses did not know that his face…

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Dead Sea - life-giving effect
In Israel there are many places that you must definitely visit and see with your own eyes, but the Dead Sea occupies a special place among them - this is…

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Traveling to Israel – where to start?

Have you decided to travel to Israel? Congratulations on making such a wonderful and exceptionally correct decision.

You will find a journey to a country that is close to us from several aspects:

It is located in relative territorial proximity – only a few hours by plane to Israel.
Mentally, because a huge number of emigrants from Russia and the countries of the former USSR live there, which removes the question of the language barrier.
And finally, spiritual closeness, because one of the three religions peacefully coexisting in Israel is Christianity.
A trip to the Holy Land will astonish you with a number of historical places and attractions, beautiful nature, a cocktail from the traditions of people living there of various nationalities, their habits and prejudices.

So, how can Israel surprise and please us? Sightseeing tours offer a variety of options, you only need to make your choice.

Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

To the sea, to the sea, food to the sea
If you go to the coasts of the Red or Mediterranean Seas, to the cities where the largest entertainment resorts in Israel are located, then get ready to be in the midst of intense activity. What it will be is up to you. You can bump into nightlife and visit all the nightlife and bars in the area, enjoying dancing and parties. Either explore all the intricacies of diving, admire the local natural beauties, while riding a yacht or walking.

If you want to be healthy … be healthy!
The Dead Sea is a miracle created by nature, which gives beauty and health to man. Both water, and air, and the earth in this place have healing properties. Cosmetics based on clay, mud and water of this miracle of nature are loved all over the world. Magnificent SPA salons and hospitals are waiting for you here to give your care and provide a wide variety of services.

In holy places
Israel – this country has presented the world with the main book of Christianity – the Bible. Traveling to the holy places described in it, such as Jerusalem with its Old City, Bethlehem, where the Savior was born, or Nazareth, where his childhood passed, as if you yourself were a participant and an eyewitness to the events described in it.

Israel and sightseeing tours on it – this, of course, the topic is probably not for the article, but probably for the whole guide. But we conveyed the main idea – we must go by all means.

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