Dead Sea - life-giving effect
In Israel there are many places that you must definitely visit and see with your own eyes, but the Dead Sea occupies a special place among them - this is…

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Sea of life
Despite its not very life-affirming name, the Dead Sea is far from dead. Its surroundings are full of life. In addition, thanks to the miraculous properties, the Dead Sea is…

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Dead Sea – life-giving effect

In Israel there are many places that you must definitely visit and see with your own eyes, but the Dead Sea occupies a special place among them – this is a real miracle that gives health, longevity, youth and beauty.

This is not the creation of human hands – it is a wonder created by nature itself, the magical and inexhaustible benefits of which man has enjoyed for many centuries.

To fly to Israel on the very first tour from Kiev just for the sake of it is quite understandable desire.

Dead lake
The content in the Dead Lake (and this is actually a lake, not the sea) of salt and mineral substances is about 35%, and the unique composition of these salts allowed the sea-lake to become an unparalleled medical spa.

Bathing features
Swimming in the Dead Sea is a very funny pastime, people don’t drown here. You can even read if you want – the main thing is to maintain balance and not topple over in the water. If this still happened, and the water got into your eyes, rinse them with fresh water as soon as possible. Water begins to corrode any abrasions and scratches on the skin, causing discomfort and even pain, so you should avoid getting water on the mucous membranes.

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Health does not happen much
Visit local hospitals and health resorts will not hurt, even in the absence of diseases. The spa located here will turn your vacation into a series of magical treatments, after which you will feel like you are born again.

Healing properties are not only water and mud. Directly the air itself, in which the oxygen content is increased, promotes healing and gives strength.

Other attractions
A true oasis on the shores of the Dead Sea is the Ein Gedi National Reserve, a paradise of wildlife. Several streams flow here, one of which – Nahal David – is named after King David. There are sulfur springs here, which are recommended to be washed in case of skin problems.

At a distance of about 20 km south is Masada, where Herod created a powerful shelter fortress.

Along the coast stretched for 10 km the Sodom Mountains, consisting of pure salt – truly, a bewitching sight.

Come to the Dead Sea in Israel – tours from Kiev are carried out daily, you only need one thing – you yourself.

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