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About Eilat without hiding

Eilat is not in vain called the pearl of Israel. Like real pearls, this resort has all the virtues of a genuine jewel. This city attracts with its originality, first-class service, gorgeous beaches and a variety of entertainment.

Choosing a vacation in Israel, most tourists will hear advice to visit this hospitable city, interesting and active rest.

The Eilat Bay has a length of about 175 km. With a graceful ribbon, he stretched near the Sinai foothills. Approaching Eilat by plane, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape opening from above. This is the southernmost point of Israel, where the pearl of Eilat was born.

Historical dates
The status of the city was acquired by Eilat relatively recently, in 1953, and just 4 years before that, it officially became the property of Israel. The Eilat coast was given the title of a nature reserve since 1966.

Sunny city, city is a dream
Eilat is also a city of eternal summer, the duration of which is 359 days a year.

Thanks to this climate, the resort is always ready to receive tourists at any time.

The feeling of celebration and the fullness of life here literally vibrates in the air, but does not tire, as is usually the case in city bustle.

This city surprisingly combined the best opportunities for a family, relaxing holiday, and for an active holiday of mobile and noisy youth.

Check out all the tours and special offers in the Tours section of Israel.

Leisure and outdoor activities
Choose your favorite activity in Eilat. Although sometimes it is difficult to make a choice in favor of one thing and you want to combine everything at once. But, nevertheless, prioritization will still be necessary.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of the nightlife of the city or look into the underwater kingdom, light up at a disco or jump with a parachute, put on red in the casinos equipped on yachts or make a successful shopping, taking advantage of the fact that there is a duty-free trade area here? No one can make this choice for you.

Both children and adults will have fun throughout the time spent on vacation in Israel, in the city of Eilat.

National cuisine
Any sea city is famous for its fish dishes. Eilat was no exception. Cozy cafes, bistros and restaurants offer to try various delicacies from seafood.

Visit Eilat at least once – and you will come here again.

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